School: St Columkille's, Aughnacliffe (roll number 14220)

Aghnacliff, Co. Longford
Eoghan Mac Aodha

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Local Prayers

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0762, Page 093

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Prayer to stop Bleeding.
Jesus of Nazareth was born
in Galilee
He came to the Jordan
baptised to be
The water was clear and
the day was good
And when Jesus came the
water stood.
And by his word and
in his name I command
this blood to do the same.

This prayer is in common
use and even a Protestant
will send for a Catholic
who has the prayer to say
it for him when needed.
I lay my body down to
sleep I pray to God my
soul to keep and if
I die before I wake I
pray to God my soul
to take and if an evil
spirit comes to me may

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