School: Edenmore, Ballinamuck (roll number 14584)

Edenmore, Co. Longford
Seán Ó Réid

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Collection of Special Prayers

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0761, Page 064

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To be said when about to sleep
As I lay down my head to sleep I give my soul to God to keep and if I die before I wake I give my soul to God to take. There are four corners on my bed there are four angels o'er my head. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John God bless the bed that I lay on.

Morning Offering
O' eternal Father I offer thee the most precious blood of Jesus Christ and satisfaction for my sins and for the wants of the Holy Catholic Church.
Cure to stop bleeding
Jesus was born in Bethlehem,
And baptised in the river Jordan.
The water was pure and the water was good
And when Jesus came the water stood.
Any by his word and holy name,
I command this blood to do the same.

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Eileen Smyth