School: Soran, Longford (roll number 14683)

Soran, Co. Longford
Wilfred O'Callaghan

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Soran, Longford | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0759, Page 231

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The houses of this district were very low and small, and the walls were usually of sod and mud. Some of them had windows, and others had none, only a hole in the place where the window ought to be. At night the people of the house used to put a mat in this hole, and when daylight would come, they would remove it in order to give light through the kitchen.
They were roofed with bog oak and clefted with a hatchet. The bog oak used to be covered with bog sods, and thatched with straw and rushes. They had no chimney only a piece of a square log in the side of the roof or sometimes in the middle. The

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