School: Soran, Longford (roll number 14683)

Soran, Co. Longford
Wilfred O'Callaghan

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Soran, Longford | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0759, Page 212

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In this Parish of Clonbroney there are six graveyards, three of which are still in use. The names of those are : Old Clonbroney, New Clonbroney, Lisard, Moatefarell, Ballinalee and Bully's Acre. Each of them is situated along the main road all in Clonbroney, Co. Longford.
Their shape is oblong except a Protestant one in Ballinalee which is round in shape and they contain from a rood to an acre. The ancient ones are surrounded ditches and high badly built walls and yew trees growing inside the walls.

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