School: Garrowhill, Longford (roll number 10344)

Garrowhill, Co. Longford
P. Mac Aonghusa

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An Apparition of the Mother of God

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0756, Page 442

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Frank Kiernan my brother-in-law was for a good part of his life very much addicted to drink, and when he came to his home badly intoxicated, he usually lay down on the kitchen floor, and as a rule, lay there all through the night, being quite unmanageable.
It was on such an occasion he got the fright of his life one night about twenty five years ago.
Some time after midnight while he lay on the kitchen floor a loud rattling was made on the latch of the door. Frank jumped to his feet and in a terrified voice started to shout "Be off." His wife chanced to be awake at the same time and in her bed and she shouted to her husband "Don't open the door" and she felt terrified also.
However, Frank could not resist going to the door, and opening it, while he continually shouted "Be off" But the sight that met his eyes as he opened the door will never leave his heart.
He closed back the door immediately, and rushed to the bedroom in which his wife lay terrorised. He jumped into the bed beyond her without divesting himself of his clothes, and shouting Oh! Oh! which he kept up for some time, and his trembling and heart-beat

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P. Mc Guinness
Garrowhill, Co. Longford