School: Garrowhill, Longford (roll number 10344)

Garrowhill, Co. Longford
P. Mac Aonghusa

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Another Mysterious Person in White

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0756, Page 405

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James McQuade was visiting a neighbour's house one night, and on his return he was terrified by an apparition in the form of a man at his own door.
As he arrived at the door the apparition stood before him and would not let him go into his own house.
He tried to force his way past the man and in doing so he and the apparition got into each other's grasp. They wrestled for some moments and eventually he succeeded in getting him from the door. He then rushed in and banged the door behind him, and bolted it firmly.
The night passed without further incident. He said his prayers in the kitchen, and slept soundly in his bedroom that same night.
However, as strange an affair happened the next morning. He arose before daylight to bring pigs of his to a fair in Longford. He harnessed his horse, and put him under the cart. He went to the pig-sty door, but he was unable to open it. It seemed as firmly set as a rock. He immediately went for Fr Canning C.C. Drumlish and when he heard his story he told him to go for Fr. Conefry and both priests went together to the place and soon

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