School: Carnadough (B.), Newtowncashel

Cornadowagh, Co. Longford
P. Eustace

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Football as Played Forty Years Ago

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0753, Page 415

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Football in olden times was much rougher than it is at the present time. The Cashel team were called the holy Terrors and the Rathcline team were called John Martins. About 40 years ago, one of the best finals was played between Cashel and Rathcline and Rathcline won it. Some of the men on the Cashel team 40 years ago was James Mulvihill, Mike Mulvihill, Michael Mahedy, Patrick Casey, Matthew Dolan and Michael Dowd. Mike Mulvihill was the captain of the Cashel team. The referee was John Farrell. The rules were not as strict as they are now and the referees were not as strict. The colours of Cashel team was blue jerseys and white caps. Nearly every game that Cashel and Rathcline won them. The ball that was used was the same as nowadays. A player would only be allowed to run three yards with the ball before he kicked it, and no player would be allowed to pass. There used to be 21 men on each team. When the Cashel team would be playing another parish, the people used to go on carts to the match.

Seamus Ó Loingsigh
Cashel, Co. Longford