School: Carnadough (B.), Newtowncashel

Cornadowagh, Co. Longford
P. Eustace
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0753, Page 412

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0753, Page 412

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  1. There are four forges in this parish. Conroys, Carburys, Smyths and Cunnighams. All the forges are situated at a crossroads. The forge man is called a Blacksmith. The forge we go to is Conroys. I was in it a few times. There was a big fire down and the bellows hanging over it for blowing it. There was an anvil on a block of wood on the middle of the floor. There are iron rafters inside in the roof the outside is covered with scraws. There is a pipe out through for letting out the smoke. There is a door and two windows on the forge. The smith shoes asses and horses and he makes tongs and ploughs and many other things He is a very powerful man. There is generally a drain or a stream at the back of the forge in which he can shoe wheels and cool his irons. There is a story told in connection with a smith. When Saint Joseph and the Blessed Virgin and the Infant Jesus was travelling on their journey to Jesuaselem Our Lady lost a pin of the cloak she had wrapt the Infant Jesus. She asked different people for a pin and she could get none. The were passing a forge and the asked the Blacksmith for a pin and he said he had none but he said to
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    Séamus Ó Loingsigh
    Cashel, Co. Longford