School: Colehill (C.), Mullingar (roll number 14673)

Colehill, Co. Longford
Kathleen Morris

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Old Houses

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0750, Page 200

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Every house in the district was thatched long ago The farmers houses were thatched with sedge that grew by the side of the river Inny In most houses there was a bed called a settle bed in the kitchen If there was a servent boy in the house he slept in the settlebed The fire place was not always at the gable wall it was generally in the centre of the house The frame of the chimney was made of wattles and mud and there was a hurdle instead a loft for storing winter potatoes Some poor cabins had no chimney and the smoke came out on the door There was a house in this district which has been knocked down lately and it had a bucket on a hole in the

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