School: Lower Warren (roll number 7793)

Warren Lower, Co. Westmeath
Liam Mac Coiligh

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0746, Page 401

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There was once a man and woman living in a ditch. They had no house. One day the man was fishing and he caught a fish. The fish said to him "Let me go" The man let him go". The man let him go. and he left a mark of blood behind him. He went home and told his wife. She told him to go back and ask him for a cottage. He went back and asked the fish fox a cottage. The fish said "Go home, your wife is standing at the door. He went home. There his wife was standing at the door. But when she got up in the morning, she was not satisfied. then she said to her husband "go and ask the fish for a Castle. When he went to fish again. The fish said to him "Go home your wife is standing at the door" He went home. But his wife was not satisfied. She wanted to be king. So the man said he will take all back from us again. His wife told him to go and ask the fish. When he went to the fish he said his wife wanted to be king. The fish said that she was king and all the maids and soliders were

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Nellie Murray
Annaghgortagh, Co. Westmeath