School: Kilcleagh (roll number 14700)

Kilcleagh, Co. Westmeath
Bean Uí Mheachair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0745, Page 089

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0745, Page 089

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  1. 1. There is an old saying, that if a nettle stings you to get a Docken and say "Docken, Docken, in and out, take the stong of a nettle out."
    2 .If you get a sting of a wasp, rub it with blue.?
    3. A wart if rubbed with washing soda and a fasting spit for nine mornings, these will cure it.
    4. For a festered cut wash it in blue stone water.
    5. For a stye in the eye get nine gooseberry thorns and point them at the stye for nine mornings.
    6. To cure a colie in a horse give a teaspoonful of gun powder to him.
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