School: Milltown (roll number 942)

Milltown, Co. Westmeath
Sean O'Casey

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Notes on Leaders and on Historic and Other Events of the Locally in the 15th Century and Later

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0742, Page 041

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(Chapter XII)

(1430) Mullingar and the country from Milltown to Mullingar were many times burned and wasted during the 15th and 16th centuries. In 1430 Owen O'Neill with other Irish chiefs, encamped in Frewin Hill. To the Hill came several Irish chiefs from South W Meath and Offaly to pay him respect and tribute . They included the O'Conna of Offaly The O'Meelaghans The O'Molloys and The McGeoghegans. They plundered Kilbixy after which the Plunketts, Nugents Deleamers and the English barons, came to O'Neill and made him great presents forgranting peace to them. O'Neill then returned home victoriously and triumphantly and took with him the son of "O'Farrell Buidhe" as a hostage for O'Farrell's lordship.
(1475) In 1475 Hugh Rue O'Donnell marched into Annally to aid the son of Neal O'Farrell. He turned the entire of "Annaly" except the portion that belonged

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