School: Ballynacargy (B.) (roll number 1731)

Ballynacarrigy, Co. Westmeath
E. Mac Óda

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Ballynacargy (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0740, Page 428

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century. There are bout four generations of families that I know buried in it.

In olden times the principal road to this grave yard was named Bóthar na Marbh which means the road of the dead. Half of this road is not to be seen because it is covered over with weeds. The other half still remains in use and lead on to the Ballinacroghy road. It is said that horses and carriages have been heard driving along this old road to the Church yard at midnight. An old man who lives on the side of this old road told me that a light appears in the ruins of an old house which is also on the side of this road about two hundred yards away and about ten o'clock every night it comes up towards his house till it is about one hundred yards away and then the light goes back to the old ruin and disappears. He told me that there is a "stray stone" in the graveyard and that a man who went into the graveyard to look at the tombstone accidently

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