School: Castletowngeoghegan (C.) (roll number 2093)

Castletown Geoghegan, Co. Westmeath
C. Ní Chonaire

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Castletowngeoghegan (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0734, Page 365

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stones and when he had half of them picked, he went to the Priest for the five shillings. The Priest said to him "You have not all the stones picked " so the man said "You told me that God would help me and He never picked one stone. He can pick the rest of them.

Some time ago there was a little girl who was very bold. Her mother bought her a new dress. When the child put it on, she began to roll about the floor and to spoil it. When her mother saw her she got very angry and she said "If you spoil your new dress what will you get. I will get another one", said the child.

A Funny Story

A man told his son to be always thinking.

A man told his son to be always thinking. One day he went out to the field to work. He brought his son with him and it happened that there was a cow in the field that used to eat rags. When the man began to work, he took off his coat and left it on the ditch. Now and again he would say to his son "Are you thinking and the

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