School: Kilbeggan (B.)

Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath
P. Mac Siúrtáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0732, Page 529

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0732, Page 529

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  1. There are twelve fairs held here annually. On the first friday of each month droves of cattle, milch cows, sheep and bonhams are offered for sale in the Square.
    There was only and annual "fairing day" held long ago. It was on the 15th August. A great day it used to be, when the tinkers would flock in from the four provinces, "Sugar stock Biddy" from Tullamore with her long rainbow coloured sticks of sweets, Peggy's leg and sugar barley.
    The monthly fairs were started thirty five or forty years ago and the old fair day was discontinued. The old people held a belief that fairies and cluricauns unuaslly busy on the "fairing day" and took great care not to do anything to offend the "Good people," as they were called, previous to it.
    The local dealer Mr P. Kelly goes around weekly to the farmers houses and buys their stock also. Mr Tormey another local dealer buys calves.
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    Alice Caffrey
    Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath