School: Tyrrellspass (2) (roll number 13743)

Tyrrellspass, Co. Westmeath
Mrs Payne

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0731, Page 266

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tailed coats. The chaps used to come in and lean against the dresser as if watching the dancers. They used to put their hands behind them, take a [pewter] plate, stick it under the long tail of their coat, slip out and home and make bullets out of it. This went on till nearly all the plates were gone.

When I was 16 years of age I lived at an old farm house called Frenchpark, Randalstown, Co. Antrim. I used to cross the fields to a farmers long low thatched house between our house & Randalstown near the railway for butter-milk. The farmer was a Mr Jamieson, since left the place. They had a big dresser in the kitchen with an open press under it. Here were several of the largest pewter dishes I ever saw. The Mistress showed them to us & we noticed dark stains on them. She told us they had been buried for safety for years in the bad times. It was in this house I tasted "Sowens" for the 1st and last time. In school soon after in "Old Mortality" a reference was made to

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Elizabeth Payne