School: Tyrrellspass (2) (roll number 13743)

Tyrrellspass, Co. Westmeath
Mrs Payne

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0731, Page 196

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Quest. "When has a horse six legs?"
Ans. "When there is a jocky riding on his back."

Quest. "What part of a fish is like the end of a book?"
Ans. "The fin is."
Quest. "Full of holes and holds water."
Ans. "A sponge."
Ruth Johnston age 12.
The Orphanage
7. Nov. 38

"The Hotel here in coaching Days"

About a hundred years ago in this country there were no way of travelling only by horseback, canal or stage coaches.
This is how they rode on horse back a man and his wife got up on the horse. There was a cushion at the back called the 'pillion' and his wife sat on the pillion.
Our teacher's great grandmother got ill and she had to be brought to Dublin on the "Fly Boat". This Fly Boat was drawn by horses up to Dublin Hospital & she could not be cured so she was brought home to die on one of these Fly Boats. When one horse

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Ruth Johnston
Tyrrellspass, Co. Westmeath