School: Edmonton (roll number 8100)

Edmondstown, Co. Westmeath
Mrs O' Brien

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Edmonton | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0728, Page 048

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Brick Making was carried on near Killucan at a place called Derrymore some thirty years ago. A family named Leavy owned a small farm and on this farm brick clay was got. The clay became exhausted after a number of years. There was another field in the same locality which also contained brick clay. This latter field belonged to a man named Dunne. This also became exhausted. A farmer named Garty from Raharney (Rath Airne) has a farm not far from the above places at Baggot Hill. He at one time burned two kilns of bricks. There are some acres of best brick clay to be found there but unfortunately there is no use made of it as English and Belgian cement has taken its place.