School: Rathwire (C.) (roll number 8416)

Rathwire, Co. Westmeath
Mrs. Caffrey
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0727, Page 416

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0727, Page 416

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  1. In the cities people use coal But in the country the majority of them use turf.
    In the summer the turf must be cut so as to get it dry. When the turf cutting commences a suitable part of the bog is selected. This is called a turf bank.
    First the bank has to be cleaned. There is heather and light turf which has to be dug away first until the right turf is reached.
    When the bank is clean the turf is cut by means of a tool called a slane. It has a sharp edge.
    The turf cutter takes layer after layer and goes deeper and deeper until he had to throw up each piece
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    Mollie Croash
    Thomastown, Co. Westmeath