School: Raharney (C.)

Raharney, Co. Westmeath
Mrs. Conway
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0727, Page 310

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0727, Page 310

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  1. One time two men lived in a house in the bog. Their names were John and Dick. John wanted the house for himself and Dick wanted the house for himself.
    This night John put down a big pot of porridge. Then John said to Dick which of us will eat the most and which ever of us eat the most will (eat) own the house.
    John put a big bag inside his clothes. When John started to eat the porridge he put it into the bag. Dick said to John "I'm afraid I'm bet" "I'm bet too said John. Then John got a knife. He stuck the knife into the bag and let out the porridge.
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