School: Carpenterstown (Templefanum) (roll number 5415)

Carpenterstown, Co. Westmeath
Mary Smyth

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Carpenterstown (Templefanum) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0722, Page 168

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The names of fields on my father's farm -

the big field.
The bush field. There are bushes growing on this field.
The bridge field got its name because there's a bridge over a river in this field.
The big paddock, the little paddock.
The rabbit field - a burrow in this field.
The twelve acres, the six acres,
the limekiln field where in olden times lime was burned.
The quarry field - bricks were made in this field.
The Crickeen - there are numbers of little hills in this field. The well yard,
the hop yard. Round this field there is a hedge of hop trees.
The palm garden where there are palm trees growing.
The bull's garden
The Big Bog
The Little bog and the Disputed Bog
These are in the townland of Carpenterstown Parish of Fore and County of Westmeath.
William Cooney

William Cooney

The names of fields belonging to Michael Hennessy Carpenterstown.

The Pond Field
The Carway Field
The Big field
The Paddock

Fields belonging to Smyth Carpenterstown -
The Frayhawn and the Church field which is beside the school.

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