School: Carpenterstown (Templefanum) (roll number 5415)

Carpenterstown, Co. Westmeath
Mary Smyth

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Local Ruins

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0722, Page 107

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A short distance from the village of Fore, on the road to Castlepollard, about two miles from Carpenterstown stand the ruins of an old Church. It is supposed to have been built by Saint Fechin. The door faces the west.

Over the door there is a massive stone which local tradition says was placed there by the Saint himself. The workmen prepared the stone and rolled it to the foot of the wall but were unable to raise it to its place. St Fechin told them to go to their dinner and he would remain there until they came back. When they returned they found the stone in its place over the door, where it remains to this day.
This stone is supposed to be six feet in length, two feet in height, and the full thickness of the wall.
A short distance from the Church of St Fechin stand the ruins of an old mill which was built by Saint Fechin and his monks. This mill is situated on the right hand side of the road going from Fore to Castlepollard. The saint got the mill built to grind corn for himself and for his monks.
Although at that time there were plenty of

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Helen Cooney
Carpenterstown, Co. Westmeath
Patrick Cooney
Carpenterstown, Co. Westmeath