School: Castlepollard Boys (roll number 5513)

Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath
William Coghlan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0721, Page 033

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0721, Page 033

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  1. There is another man who has the cure of the Ring Worm/Running worm also. He lives in Kiltoom and his name is William Gereghty. I do not know how he cures the people or how he got this cure, but he probably got it the same way as Mr. McCormack.
    Mr. Weldon of the Black Hills has the cure of cancer. When the disease comes on a person he goes to Mr Weldon and gets a plaster from him, and puts it on the sore. This plaster is very painful but very often people are cured by it.
    There is a well out in Fore, which is a little village to the East of Castlepollard which cures some ailments especially toothache. When a person wants to be cured he gets a bottle of water out of this well, and if it's a toothache that's troubling him he takes a mouthful of the water and leaves it in his mouth for a while. He then spits it out and the pain is gone. St. Bridget's Well on the very top of the hill of Maol also is said to cure toothache.
    When a person has a sty in his eye he cures it thus. He plucks ten gooseberry thorns and points nine of them at his eye and throws the tenth away.
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