School: Killallon (roll number 5207)

Boherard, Co. Meath
Stiophán Ó Scalaighe

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0715, Page 330

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As I sat in my wonderful window
I saw a wonderful thing, a big bone badgem tearing my little whirrily furrily wagon. I call out for Tom Fagem, to hunt away the big bone badgem from tearing my whirrily fussily wagon
A dog hunting a goat from eating the cabbage.

The cross of a ploug turns up in the green, the keel of a ship seldo is seen. "A" in the middle without any more makes up a town between Navan and Fore. Crossakiel.
The keel of a ship, the cross of a plough, 'a' in the middle and spell it out now. Crossakiel.
As I went out a slippery gap, I met my uncle Davy. I sucked his heart and drank his blood and left him lying easy.
A. Blackberry

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