School: Grangegeeth (roll number 2630)

Grangegeeth, Co. Meath
Seósaimhín, Bean Uí Dhubhghaill

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Sold to the Devil

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0714, Page 407

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There was a man one time who lived on the Grange road and he was sold to the devil.
One day the devil came to him and told him that in a year's time he would take him away to hell. When the year was up the devil came for the man and the man was going in to a public house. The ruins of this old public house is still to be seen on Neddy Connolly's land.
The devil asked the man to put him into his purse. He did so and the man took out his purse and put it on the counter and he got a hammer and he gave a blow to the purse and the devil roared and said "Let me out let me out." When the man died he would not get into Hell or Heaven so he remained between Hell and Heaven.

Patrick Ward
Grangegeeth, Co. Meath