School: Rathkenny (roll number 15483)

Rathkenny, Co. Meath
Tomás Mac Cárthaigh

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Rathkenny | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0714, Page 224

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returned the Gaw-green was up and he had a look at me. "I'll do it for you" says he. He told my mother to go out to a shop and buy an egg. This he put on a coal at the fire to roast. He put me sitting in a chair, got a piece of twine and tied it round a small bunch of hair on the top of my head. At a sign from him my mother gripped my hands & his wife held me in the chair by the shoulders. At the same time he gripped the bunch of hair that he had tied with the twine in his teeth and pulled the hair out by the roots. Immediately he clapped the roasted egg on top of the spot on my head and broke it. Then he tield a bandage on to my head to keep the egg in its place. When I arrived home I was able to eat and drink as good as ever and that was a great relief to me after two days suffering.
About five years later my palate fell again but Plunket was dead. But a neighbouring woman raised it with a spoon mumbling some words at the same time.

Gaw geen = góidín probably as oi = á in Meath dialect

Thomas Carty
Rathkenny, Co. Meath
Matthew Tevlin
Carnaross, Co. Meath