School: Stackallen (roll number 1309)

Stackallan, Co. Meath
P.T. Mac Gabhann

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Old Ruins

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0714, Page 155

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There is the ruins of an old castle in Dunmoe and there is the ruins of an old castle in Carrick-Dexter. Those two castles were left in ruins by Cromwell's cannon. There was a cannon ball stuck in one of the windows or openings in Dunmoe Castle up to nearly a hundred years ago when it was taken out and used in a nearby flour mill that used to work on the River Boyne, for a weight. In Carrick-Dexter castle there is a stairs winding round and round the walls of the castle till it comes up to the top. There is a passage from Carrick-Dexter castle up to the hill of Slane where there are old ruins also. That passage or tunnel is closed up because cattle or sheep that might go into it would get stuck or they might not be able to turn back and they would die of hunger. The ruins are also closed up because of cattle or sheep went into it the loose stones that are on the top of the castle might fall down on them and

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Noel Meade
Stackallan, Co. Meath