School: Stackallen (roll number 1309)

Stackallan, Co. Meath
P.T. Mac Gabhann

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Buying and Selling

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0714, Page 152

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The shops as far as I know were just as common a hundred years ago as they are now as they are now, so the people had not to go to the towns to make purchases. There were two inns on the road along here where people travelling to Cavan and districts in that direction from Drogheda would stop for the night and people going from there to Drogheda would stop. The inns were owned by people the name of Brownell and Crinion. Brownell's inn was about two hundred yards from this school and Crinon's inn was about three quarters of a mile from this school. All the produce of Cavan and parts of Westmeath would go this road and the goods that would come into the port of Drogheda for Cavan would come this road, so that this was a very important road before the the railway was built from Drogheda to Oldcastle in the year 1847 and for some years after that. Those inns were called a carman's stage. There were a good

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Noel Meade
Stackallan, Co. Meath