School: Stackallen (roll number 1309)

Stackallan, Co. Meath
P.T. Mac Gabhann

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Stackallen | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0714, Page 090

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The people looked everywhere near the house but they could not find the money. So there is money somewhere about the place where the old house stood then.
Marquess Cunningham was Land lord of Rochestown whose descendants still live in the Castle of Slane. Marquess Cunningham was William's planter. The land Grabbers of this district were worse than the two Land lords I have mentioned. People of the name of Gannons and Carneys who lived in Rochestown were evicted about the year 1886. Richard Gannon went to live in a house of James Rochfords in Gernonstown and took with him his two daughters. Carney lived after his eviction with some friends in Mullahadillon Slane where he stayed till he died.

There is a mass rock in a field belonging to Richard Guinnion of Roestown, Stackallen, named "Corrick an Aifran." It is not known rightly where the mass rock is situated in the field. In one corner of the field next Kealy's Mollies there are steps and it is believed that the rock is there.