School: Stackallen (roll number 1309)

Stackallan, Co. Meath
P.T. Mac Gabhann

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0714, Page 069

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Most of the people around here that have cows keep their own milk and churn it. There are also a few people around here that send milk to Dublin. Those people also keep some milk for churning. We have a churn at home. It is one of the modern churns that is worked by a handle. We generally churn once a week. In hot weather the churning does not take as much time as in cold weather. In hot weather the milk gets sour quickly and it is easily churned. In cold weather people put the milk beside the fire the way it will get sour. Long ago if a stranger came in and the people churning they would give him the handle of the churn to twist round. If the stranger went out without twisting the churn no butter would come on the milk. Some people skim the milk and other people churn the milk along with the cream. People say that when the milk and cream is churned together the butter is sweeter and the butter-milk

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