School: Stackallen (roll number 1309)

Stackallan, Co. Meath
P.T. Mac Gabhann

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Stackallen | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0714, Page 018

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into the lake and the salmon is in the lake still and he has a hole in his head where the fisherman took out the hook.

Teac Chollain is the Irish name for Stackallen. I also learned that it was called Ty Aluinn. Nobody knows who was Collain. There are several traces of olden times round here. There is a place called Lis near this school and there is supposed to be a cave in it. There is also a rath and a mound in this district called "The Moat." It is not high like the Moat in Nowth, Navan and Nobber. It is about ten feet high and forty feet across.