School: Kilberry (roll number 2533)

Kilberry, Co. Meath

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Kilberry | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0711, Page 230

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the river and when you take the bag up it would be full of mud. When you have the mud out of the bag you would see the pinkeens hopping about.

If you get a blade of grass and put it between your two fingers and blow it will squeal.

The way you make a bird cage you get a number of hazel sticks. Then you make a square of one stick. Then you plait the stick in and out through one another; you leave the sticks an inch apart. When you are setting it you put it on its side. You put a stick across for the bird to hop up on it and then it falls down on her. You must leave bread in it. It will catch a blackbird or a Robin.


James O' Dea