School: Wilkinstown (roll number 1917)

Wilkinstown, Co. Meath
Máire Ní Failcheallaigh

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The Local Fairs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0711, Page 066

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There are no fairs held in this district. The people go to the fair that is held in Navan every Monday. This town is about six miles away. The buyers sometimes come out of the town to the farmers houses and buy the animal at the houses and the buyers either bring the cattle themselves or the farmer goes with them himself. The town fair is held in a place that is called the "fair green." Long ago it is said that there was a fair held in Wilkinstown but it is not held there now.
Where animals are sold it is a custom for the seller to give what is called a "luck-penny" to the buyer. It is said that the animals would not thrive well at all with the man if this was not given.
When a bargain is made the agreement is shown by the seller spitting on his hand. When animals are sold they are generally marked by a red mark on the ear or by cutting off a bit of hair near the tail.
When people were bringing animals to the fair, they used to tie a halter round their necks or legs and they used to bring them by this means. When people were selling the cattle the halter was generally given it was supposed to be unlucky to keep it. The halter is not used now when bringing cattle anywhere.

Patricia Reilly
Demailestown, Co. Meath
Hugh Reilly
Demailestown, Co. Meath