School: Wilkinstown (roll number 1917)

Wilkinstown, Co. Meath
Máire Ní Failcheallaigh

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Various Beliefs and Superstitions of the District

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0711, Page 017

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1. It is supposed to be unlucky to bring hawthorn in bloom into the house or to bring in any bush especially an elder bush, held so that the top or uppermost part of it comes in first. It is also most unlucky to strike anone with an elder stick.
2. The rowan or mountain ash was supposed to have power against the fairies. On May Eve people used to get twigs of this tree and plait them into a circular ring-like shape which they placed on the churn-dash. To be effective the charm had to be wrought after sunset on May eve. This was supposed to keep the fairies from taking the butter off the milk.
3. The custom of tying pieces of red flannel to the cow's horns was practised in the district some years ago. This was done on May eve also.
4. A great many people have horse-shoes nailed up somewhere in the house and it is about the only one of the good-luck superstitions which has remained to the present time.
5. Tuesday and Friday are supposed to be lucky days for beginning a new work or starting a new undertaking of any kind. Friday's weather is supposed to be an indication

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