School: Wilkinstown (roll number 1917)

Wilkinstown, Co. Meath
Máire Ní Failcheallaigh

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Irish Words Used in the District

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0711, Page 006

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"Cush over"
said to cow to get her into the positions required for milking

"Cush over a Cailyah " - generally added
"Abbi harth anshaw" - said similarly above
" Garrogo "
short drills in an irregularly shaped field
" Looban "
U shaped swivel in plough tackling
" Farngerry "
hind man in ploughteam - also long chain yoking horse
" Farnthussie "
front man yoking horse
" Far gartha "
sudden spasm of hunger or great degree of hunger ( person said to have met the " far gartha " )
" Shedyog " -
a sudden gust of wind
" Poireens "
small potatoes
" Praties "
" Bweeans "
yellow daisy-like flowers which grow generally through the oats crop.
" Langet "
spancel for a goat (?)
" Cushog "
a stem of grass
" Pinkeens "
small fish found in streams
" Fossah "
to graze a horse along a bank or around the margin of a cornfield
" Kidyogo "
tatters, old clothes

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M. Farrelly