School: Westland (roll number 8428)

Donore, Co. Meath
Mrs E.J. Roberts

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The Lore of Certain Days

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0706, Page 330

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If it rains on Saint Swithen's Day it will rain for forty days and forty nights.
It is supposed that is the day Noah's flood started.
Another noted day is Whit Monday. It is said that if a baby is born on that day before it is nine days old it must draw blood, or it will die a violent death when grows up.
Long ago, when this was believed in the nurse would hold a chicken in the baby's hand and a knife in the other hand and cut the head off the chicken. It was believed if that was not done, in after years this person would kill or be killed.
Another belief about Whit Monday is: If a mare had a foal on that day the owner would dig a hole down in the ground and the clay that was taken up out of the pit was thrown across the foal's back, and if this did not happen the foal was supposed to kill or be killed.
The farmers like to begin work on Friday because they consider it a lucky day. The start sowing corn, cutting turf, planting potatoes, etc on a Friday.
The claim Saturday's job is a long time a finishing and some-times never finished.
The day people like to get married on is Wednesday. The simple reason why they like to get married on a Wednesday is because it starts off with "Wed".
There is a day in the month of February, Candlemas Day. It is said if that day is fair and clear there will be two

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