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Moynalty, Co. Meath
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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0706, Page 135

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Loughan. The cemetery is still open. It is circular in shape and contains the ruin of a church. St Kieran of Carnaross was a native of Loughan. He was engaged to keep crows out of corn. While at his work the Mass Bell rang in this Church, and as he wanted to go to Mass, he threw his coat on the hedge in the field and went into the Church. Not a crow came near the corn in his absence but even so, his master heard what he had done and dismissed him. It was then he made up his mind to become a priest and he afterwards founded a Church at Carnaross.
It used to be a common belief that in Loughan graveyard the dead always rose for a while each night at midnight. In order to disprove this a girl kept vigil in the graveyard one night and brought some special piece of a plant which grew in the Cemetery to support her story.
Newtown. Newtown graveyard has also a ruin. Here as in Loughan it is raised in the centre and sloped outwards.
Unbaptised children are always buried outside the pathway which runs round the cemetery. Many people bring their dead long journeys to bury them with their ancestors and many stories are told of the dead coming back to the earth and appearing to their relatives when buried in wrong graves.

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