School: Kilbride (roll number 11793)

Cill Bhríde, Co. Meath
Áine, Bean Ní Mháirtín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0698, Page 061

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0698, Page 061

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    slated houses but one very old house which is thatched. The owner is old too and he tells stories about war, in English. His name is Patrick Farrelly, Clonfane, Trim, Co. Meath.
    The land in Meath is very rich. There is a little stream running through our garden and we call it "An cloc mor" because there is a big flat stone in it.
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  2. Clifton is my home district and it is in the Parish of Kilbride an outlying parish of the parish of Dunderry.
    There are eight families in it, Medelars, Carrols. Hamiltons, Newmans, Healys, Monaghans, Corrigans and Kinsellas, a total number of twenty eight people the most common name of all being Newmans as he is the owner of Clifton house. All the houses are slated.
    There are no old people over seventy. There were no more houses long ago than now. The land is very fertile but very little of it is tilled. There are two rivers in it the
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    Vessingtown, Co. Meath
    Joseph Corrigan
    Clifton Lodge Demesne, Co. Meath