School: Kilbride (roll number 11793)

Cill Bhríde, Co. Meath
Áine, Bean Ní Mháirtín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0698, Page 018

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0698, Page 018

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  1. Local Heroes
    John Kelly a local man could could carry a barrel of oats under each arm up a stairs.
    Another local man could drag a plough through the clay by himself.
    My father James Corrigan won a medal for tug o war with a Tree State army team in Mullingar in 1920.
    Another local Larry Mc Loughlin was the Leinster champion cyclist fifty miles, his two leading opponents were Bormingham and Wellington two Dublin men.
    John Waters wakked to Dublin and back a distance of 60 miles in fifteen hours.
    Another local Thomas Newman could hold a cut weight out before him in each hand. Joseph Corrigan Got them from my Mother (52 yr) Clifton Athboy
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    Joseph Corrigan
    Clifton Lodge Demesne, Co. Meath
  2. Local Happennings
    One time their lived in Clifton House a man named James Jones who had a manservant who was a Jap.
    He was a very faithful servant
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