School: Rathcarran (roll number 4370)

Rathcarran, Co. Meath
Caitlín Ní Chonnachtáin

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Rathcarran | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0697, Page 352

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and the sheep are washed there every year. It is called the wash field. We have a very nice lawn with a big stream running through it and there are a lot of trees in it.

The fairies are the Tuatha De Danaans. Most people believe in fairies. Now those fairies are supposed to live in the old forts. Many people are afraid of the anger of the fairies. There are many old tales told about the fairies. When young children do not do as they are told, their mothers threaten to bring them to the fairies. The fairies are very important

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M. Murray
Clonymore, Co. Meath