School: Kildalkey (B.) (roll number 867)

Kildalkey, Co. Meath
Muiris Ó Fearghail

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Kildalkey (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0695, Page 078

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boy and girl would meet at a certain time every evening. They would go for a walk and they would tell stories to each other. When the bride and bridegroom was coming home from the wedding there would be two horses and two seats between them and the bride and bridegroom would sit on the seats. An old story is told that the strawboys would kill the bridegroom if they did not get to dance with the bride.

Local Marriage Customs 10:06:38

Local marriages take place on Shrove Tuesday. It is thought very lucky to get married on Shrove Tuesday. People make matches in this parish. It was an old custom long ago to get married in peoples houses and to give goods at the wedding and for straw boys to enter the house where the the married couple were and dance. They were dressed in a suit made of straw, and a straw hat. There is a story told about the straw boys. Once they visited a wedding in a house. The people were terrified and thought they

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