School: Kildalkey (B.) (roll number 867)

Kildalkey, Co. Meath
Muiris Ó Fearghail

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Kildalkey (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0695, Page 057

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There were also a great number of people found dead from the cold. A great number of horses, cows and sheep were got dead. Some were found dead under the trees where the trees had fallen upon them and killed them. Others were found dead in drains where the wind had blown them in and they could not get out. There are no accounts of the big wind in eighteen thirty eight.

John Pender.
Told by Mrs. Pender, Balataliom, Kildalkey

The greatest thunder storm I ever heard of was in June, Nineteen Thirty Four. It started at eleven o'clock and stopped at six o'clock. There was a great deal of damage done by the lightning. The lightning knocked trees, killed horses, sheep and cattle, and also knocked houses. Some people were killed too while they were saying the rosary. My father was thrown out of the bed by the lightning. My father says it was the worst thunder storm he ever seen. It was heard all over the country by everyone.

John Pender.
Told by Mrs. Pender, Balatalion, Kildalkey.

John Pender
Mrs Pender
Ballaghtalion, Co. Meath