School: Ballivor (roll number 9380)

Ballivor, Co. Meath
T. Ua Conmhidhe

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Ballivor | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0694, Page 261

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leading to the house, and stables. This is to keep away ill-luck, and bring good fortune.

Long ago, when the family of the house were seated round the fire on a Christmas night, there would be a brack laid on the table, and a bottle of whisky.
The youngest child would pill the whiskey on the brack, and then set it on fire.

Some people call Shrove Tuesday, pan-cake night, because we make pan-cakes.
Most people make then very thick.
Long ago the people used to play a trick on people.
This is the way they used to play it.
They used to tell the person that came in to go to such a house and to get a pan-

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