School: Clonard (roll number 16067)

Clonard, Co. Meath
Séamus Ó Fithcheallaigh

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Clonard | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0694, Page 118

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going to with them' said the priest. I was going to drown them said the man. Let me see them said the priest the priest looked and saw that they were seven children. The priest took them from the man and he gave them to women. The women reared them and it happened that the seven boys became bishops and the seven bishops are now dead and now buried in Clonfad.

One time there was an old woman in Ireland and she was living with her stepdaughter called Snowdrop in a small house near a wood. This woman was very cruel to her stepdaughter and she wanted to kill her. She brought a soldier to kill her but he would not. then she brought the girl to

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Christopher Nevin
Towlaght, Co. Meath