School: Dangan (roll number 878)

Dangan, Co. Meath
Brian Mag Fhógartaigh

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Dangan | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0692, Page 156

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to dinner that evening.
He came and had dinner. After dinner they played cards. The stranger won the most games. When they were playing a considerable length of time a card fell on the ground. The Doctor stooped to pick it up. Then he noticed on the stranger goats feet and he got a great fright because he knew it was the devil. The Doctor sent for the minster unknown to him. When the minster came he prayed over him but nothing happened. Then they sent for the priest. The priest's name was Fr. Hart and when the devil saw him coming he said, "Here is Bully Hart." The priest came in and prayed over him. He sweated three shirts while he prayed. The the Devil said "I will not go untill you will give me something." They did not know what to give. The priest took up a black-cat and flung it to him. They took up the heartstone and put the Devil under it and closed it up again. The mark of his foot is still to be seen on the door-step where he came in.

During the trouble times when priests were not permitted to administer the sacraments in pubic but were obliged to hear confessions etc, in great secrecy. A penitent once

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John Scallan
Dangan, Co. Meath
(name not given)
relative (other than parent or grandparent)
Chapelizod, Co. Dublin