School: Dangan (roll number 878)

Dangan, Co. Meath
Brian Mag Fhógartaigh

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Dangan | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0692, Page 150

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Fairy Money
Once upon a time there lived in Clondoogan a little girl. She dreamt that if she went to the gate at the bottom of Doran's Hill at 3 a.m. she would get money on the gate post. She dreamt this several nights in succession until she made up he mind to go. Next morning she went to the gate and got twopence on the post, as she was going away she saw a little man who told her that she would get twice as much money every time if she did not tell anyone about it. She went next morning at the same time and she got fourpence. Every morning she got double what she got the morning before. She kept her secret for a long time and in the end she told her mother.
When she next morning there was no money and the little man told her that she would get no more money because she told her mother.