School: Dangan (roll number 878)

Dangan, Co. Meath
Brian Mag Fhógartaigh

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Dangan | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0692, Page 148

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Some local men went to get this treasure. They started on the top of the hill, which was very steep and round, to dig with spades and shovels. They were not very long digging till they came to the top of a kind of a pyramid made of stones. They were about to remove some stones when a thin far away voice said "Go no further." Neither did they, they ran away in alarm never waiting to close the the hole which they had made. The hole is still to be seen on the hill. Needless to say they did not get the treasure. Since then a man carries a light from that hill to Kellett's Hill and from that through the bog to Warren's Moat. It can be seen by any person at 10 p.m especially in the month of October. When a person looks at it, it seems to be stopped but when you don't look at it for a few minutes it has got on a good distance.
Once two young men lay in hiding to see what it was. As the light drew near they noticed a man carrying a wisp of lighted grass. When he was about 20 yds from them the light went out. As he was passing by they nearly fainted. The light appeared again when he had passed.
The people who watched to see what would happen saw the light pass as before. The people call it "Willie the Wisp"

Niall Nicholas Fagan
Clondoogan, Co. Meath
Mrs Fox
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Bramhall, Co. Meath