School: Kiltale (roll number 3239)

Kiltale, Co. Meath
Séamus Ó Cronghaile

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St John's Well

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0690, Page 004

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St Johns Well
I live on the road that leads to St. Johns well. The feast of St John is on the 24th June and on the eve of that day people visit the well and say prayers and wash themselves in the water and take away some of it in bottles. Years ago, there were many cures there, people left crutches and sticks behind them and were cured. The crutches are buried beside the well and a cross marks the spot. It is near Warrenstown College 3 miles from the School. On John's eve water gushes from a rock a midnight. St. John's Bolo - the founder of the Sakesian order of Priests - his stick came up at the well. There is talk or erecting a shrine there. There is a big iron railing around the well at present. Rosary is said on the feast day every year.

Mrs Mary Reynolds
Kiltale, Co. Meath