School: Dunshaughlin

Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath
Eibhlis Cogan

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The Local Fairs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0687, Page 289

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The local fairs

There are no fairs held here but there is one held in Navan every month and in Ratoath once every year. They are always held in towns. They transact business in farmers houses sometimes. The evening before the fair the buyers goes to the farmers house hoping to get the cattle cheaper then than he would at the fair. There used to be a fair held here long ago. They are not held here now because there are no buyers. The town fair is held in the streets and sometimes the cattle are put on the fair green. The fair green is a large field surrounded by a wall. Tolls are paid on cattle sold to the owner of the field at a shilling per head for cattle and sixpence per head for sheep. When an animal is sold luck money is given. It is called luck penny. When a bargain has been made, the parties concerned shown their agreement by striking hands and by spitting on their hands. Everybody marks the cattle with his own brand. When an animal is sold the rope or halter is reclaimed by the seller. The great of the year are Ratoath and Dunboyne. Some

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Annie Mangan