School: Skryne (roll number 1210)

Skreen, Co. Meath
Brian Mac Gabhann

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0686, Page 329

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Hidden Treasure
Tara is an ancient place where Kings used to live long ago. There were some ancient treasures buried there, during the reign of the Kings of Tara. There was one thing which was treasured very much called the Urn. During the war with the Kings in Tara they buried these treasures to safeguard them. The Uran was one which they buried. Since then attempts have been made to get this treasure but have not succeeded. The Antiquarians made attempts to get this treasure. This Uran was guarded in years gone by but at present there is no one guarding it. Lights have been seen at Tara. During the eighteenth century two men made an attempt to get treasures of gold and silver, and one in a rage fired shots at Saint Patrick's statue and injured one of his hands. The names of these two men were Gus Briscoe and Sherlie Ball.
Margaret Crocock

In Kilbrew there is an ice house in which it is said there is hidden treasure. It was supposed to be put there by Captain George owner of Kilbrew and Captain of the Yoemen. It is said that he still stands guard over his illgotten treasure. It is still said that he haunts the

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Eileen Johnson